Sunday, June 19, 2005

Your Home Travel Agent in the Wedding Business

Podcast Number Sixteen

Happy Father's Day everyone! Weddings are a good source of business for the home based travel agent. Often client's want to marry in an exotic location and it becomes your job to find the location and set up the wedding that is usually held at a resort. Yesterday the Home Travel Agent hosted a wedding at the Kantz Cottage on the Creek. In my full-time work life I am a Court Administrator and an Attorney Magistrate. As a magistrate I have the authority to conduct weddings. Some friends of ours from Rochester, Indiana asked if I would maryy them at the Kantz Cottage on the Creek. Of course I agreed. Today's show includes a sound seeing tour of the wedding.

I discuss travel news that includes airlines offering cancellation insurance, super sonic passenger planes on the horizon and a new form of missile defense for passenger airplanes.

Also included is a little aircraft humor that fits into the wedding theme.

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