Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Destination Gadget & Listener Mail About Host Agencies

Podcast Number Thirteen

I go into more detail about Nexion as a host agency by answering questions posed by listeners. Also the destination gadget is revealed and it is the sport/hobby of Geocaching. This hobby will take you to destinations that are exciting and destinations that you would likely not travel to if it weren't for geocaching.

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Thank you to Magnatunes and artist John Williams for the background music in today's podcast.

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Blogger Barry said...

I received an email from Carl stating that Windows Media Player would not play the podcast. He was getting an error messaging saying the podcast was compressed using an unsupported method. I tested the Podcast with my Windows Media Player and sure enough I to got the error message. Well, I've trashed the compression program that I was using and found a new one that will work with Windows Media Player. So if you use Windows Media Player and you weren't able to load the podcast that problem is now solved. Thank you Carl!

8:25 PM  

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