Sunday, May 15, 2005

Trucker Tom Cameo Appearance, Home Office & Pet Travel

Podcast Number Twelve

What telephone systems are home based travel agents using. Well many are using voice over internet protocal (VOIP) telephones. The most popular are Vonage, Packet8 and Lingo.

Looking for a travel agent niche then how about becoming a pet travel agent. A story that orginally appeared in the Christian Science Monitor was reported today at

Trucker Tom from the Trucker Tom's Travels and Audio Podcast makes an appearance at the Home Based Travel Agent Podcast to tell us of some of his hotel horror stories.

This week I will be attending a conference in Bellaire, Michigan at the Shanty Creek Resort. My next podcast will be next weekend and I hope to have a sound seeing or is it scene tour from around Shanty Creek and Bellair, Michigan. If you want to see a beautiful golf course check out the link to Shanty Creek!


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