Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Again, European Travel Guides and Nexion Host Agency

Podcast Number ten

In podcast number 9 I paused the recording for a short break and when I came back I hit the record button, or so I thought, and continued on with the podcast. After I posted the podcast I discovered that I must not have hit the record button because that part of the show was missing from that point on. So, tonight I make up that part of the show and move on to talk about an update of my Wyndham O'hare experience and I discussed my experiences so far with the host agency Nexion.

I want to give thanks to Trucker Tom for his podcast. This is my number 10 podcast and I want to thank Trucker Tom for the inspiration that he gave me from his podcasts to jump in and do my own podcast. Trucker Tom can be found at his website, truckerphoto.com.

Please drop me an email if any of you experienced travel agents or experienced travelers would like to occasionally co-host this podcast. I can bring you into the show via a Skype telephone connection.

In an upcoming show, in the destinations segment, look for me to describe a tool that will take you to and let you explore destinations that you would likely never explore otherwise - fun!

Please stop by my website at www.hometravelagent.net. Thank you for listening to my podcast!


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