Monday, June 06, 2005

Host Agencies and Travel Booking Software

Podcast Number Fifteen

In this podcast I discuss Nexion's Internet View travel agent booking software. I walk through the various sections of the software for booking cruises, land based vacations, and consolidator airfares. I also highlight some of the agent tools available including marketing tools and traveler profiles.

I recently heard about a new service called Fly My Case that picks up your luggage, golf clubs or whatever and delivers them to your destination. This takes the hassle out of hauling your luggage through long lines at the airport and removes the worry of lost luggage. I discussed what I found when I went to the website

A Cleveland television station,, recently pitted an experienced internet user against an experienced travel agent to see who could find the best deal, in the least amount of time, for a Hawaii wedding anniversary trip. Listen to see who won!

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Barry R. Kantz


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