Monday, June 27, 2005

Business Essentials - Errors and Omission Insurance

Podcast Number Seventeen

I talk about Errors and Omission insurance and the necessity of it for your home based travel business. The only company out there that is offering Errors and Omission Insurance for the home travel agent is the Berkely Insurance Company and they can be found at

I also talk about podcasting and how I became involved in podcasting with an evolution from to Replay Radio to listening to podcasts to becoming a podcaster.

A couple of items in travel news relate to a new security device that is going to give you a puff and United Airlines to offer inflight wifi.

Stop in at my website at and check out my new blog by clicking on the link or going directly to the blog at I will post breaking travel news here and some ramblings about what I'm up to in between the HBTA podcasts.

If you are interested in a vacation and looking for a travel agent then why not give the ole Home Travel Agent a call at 888-687-4496 or stop by the website at I've got some excellent deals on cruises through block space on most cruise lines.

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