Sunday, September 04, 2005

Variety Podcast - Hurricane, Travel News, Podcasts and PA Motels

Podcast Number Twenty Nine

This podcast turned out to be a variety podcast where I talked about the hurricane helping victims. I discussed travel news, some related to the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

Podcasting was a topic and in particular the success of Independent (Indy) podcasting over the commercially produced but repackaged podcasts.

Don't always trust internet hotel sites when they advertise pet friendly hotels. Listen to the podcast and learn of some deceptive practices of these sites. I also talk about our trip to the Kantz family reuinion and the motel experience we have and about our lively neighbors.

Thank you to CruiseBox for their podcast song!

Here are some links to consider with your heart and your wallet:

The Amereican Red Cross

International Aid

Thank you for listening. Drop me an email at I really appreciate your comments, ideas and suggestions. My goal is to continually improve this podcast and I need your input to accomplish this goal.

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