Sunday, August 07, 2005

Interview with Kelly Monaghan about his Home Travel Agent Course

Podcast Number Twenty Five

In this podcast is an interview with Kelly Monaghan. Kelly and I talk about his Home Based Travel Agent study course. Kelly talks about the content of his course and how it is helpful for the new travel agent. You can take a look at the book covers for his course and link to Kelly's course on the Home Based Travel Agent's home page linked below.

Lorene Romero sent me a great email with some great future show topics. Lorene is an event planner and is adding the travel agent business to her services. Also, Lorene turned me on to the Puerto Vallarta VU podcast. I listened to the producer of the VU podcast interview Lorene and Gail when they visited Puerto Vallarta in June of this year. I'm now a subscriber to the VU podcast. Thank you Lorene!

Also, take a listen to the "Talk About Diznee Podcast." Mike and Jana have a great podcast about Disney. I've learned a lot about Disney in just two of their podcasts. I'm ready to book a trip to Disney World to partake in the food, wine and beer tasting event at the Epcot Center coming this fall.

Thank you for listening. Drop me an email at I really appreciate your comments, ideas and suggestions. My goal is to continually improve this podcast and I need your input to accomplish this goal.

The Home Based Travel Agent's websit can be found here.

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