Sunday, July 31, 2005

Strange Creatures, Pet Travel and Mackinac Island Sound Seeing Tour #4

Podcast Number Twenty Three

On a personal note, about a week ago we saw the strangest creature hovering from flower to flower in our flower garden. Was it a bug, was it a bird - it was a Humming Bird Moth. This was so strange because it is an insect that looks like a bird. Here is a picture of a humming bird moth.

In the Home Based Travel Agent podcast number 12 I discussed the possibilities of becoming a travel agent that specializes in pet travel. Here are some more tips on flying with pets that I gleaned from the Travel Section of the Wall Street Journal.

A new podcast about Disney has appeared and it sounds like it is going to be a great podcast for those of you that are interested in Disney vacations. The podcast is Let's Talk About Disney. You can learn more about this podcast and subscribe to it at

Next week's Home Based Travel Agent Podcast may not appear until Monday night. We will be visiting friends on Saturday and Sunday and I may not have a chance to get the podcast out on Sunday. I'm working on setting up an interview with Jana at the "Let's Talk About Disney" podcast and if we can match up our schedules we will have a discussion about Disney and about Jana and her husband Mike's podcast.

Thank you for listening. Drop me an email at I really appreciate your comments, ideas and suggestions. My goal is to continually improve this podcast and I need your input to accomplish this goal.

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