Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Travel Institute - An Interview with Scott Ahlsmith

Podcast Number Twenty Eight

In this podcast I interview Scott Ahlsmith. Scott is the Chairman of the Board of the Travel Institute and Scott also has a host agency called Magellan360. We discuss both the Travel Institute and Magellan360. The Travel Institute is a non-profit institution sponsored by many large players in the travel industry. The mission of the Travel Institute is to provide training for the traval agent. The training provided by the Travel Institute is focused on skills and education without the commercial content that you receive when you take a course that is sponsored by a supplier.

This is a must hear podcast if you are serious about the travel business.

Please let me know if you have trouble opening this podcast in your media player. I coded this file to MP3 using an Audacity codec plug-in. I don't anticipate any problems but I have had troubles in the past using different codecs where the listener's media player would not open the file. Please let me know right away if you are having this trouble and I will use a different program to code the file.

Thank you for listening. Drop me an email at I really appreciate your comments, ideas and suggestions. My goal is to continually improve this podcast and I need your input to accomplish this goal.

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