Sunday, August 14, 2005

Where To Get A Logo and An Inteview With Jana Smith of "Lets Talk About Disney"

Podcast Number Twenty Six

In travel news, a record was set in 2004 for the number of Americans travelling abroad. In the tips of the trade section I talk about where to get a logo for your business. A logo can be where your first impression is made. I talk about where to get a logo designed for $25.00 and the design will be ready in five business days. This deal is offered by! Check them out and let me know if you get a logo from them. I would like to see what they do for you.

Part 2 of the podcast is an interview with Jana Smith of the "Let's Talk About Disney" podcast. Jana gives us some tips that she discusses on her podcast and we talk about the College of Disney Knowledge. The College of Disney Knowledge is a travel professional's course on Disney that will help you specialize in the Disney product.

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Blogger Karyn said...

Hi there - yours was the first site that got me even CLOSE to a webpage about Disney's College of Knowledge - so thank you for that!

Does one have to be a travel agent in order to take this course or to enroll in the program - or can one take the course / program in preparation to become a travel agent?


9:19 AM  

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