Monday, October 17, 2005

Websites for the Home Based Travel Agent

Podcast Number Thirty-five

Check out Gary Bembridge's Podcast, "My Travel Reviews with Gary Bembridge!"

Web Hosting Links:

Check out - click on the link in my website. If you sign up I do get a commission.

Download a free WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Check out the NVU Editor.

Filezilla is a great program to use to upload your website files to your web hosting service. Check it out here.

Drop me an email at Check out my web site at

Call me and leave a voicemail at 1-206-339-3445!

Thanks for listening!


Blogger Gary B said...

Barry, thanks for the mention, limnk to and comments on my podcast (My Travel Reviews with Gary Bembridge). Much appreciated! I am enjoying the current shows you are doing on the website a lot. Gary

12:09 PM  

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