Thursday, June 30, 2005

Marketing Ideas Discussed in a Short Podcast

Podcast Number Eighteen

This podcast is a short version discussing some marketing ideas for a prospective home based travel agent that is working in a school.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Business Essentials - Errors and Omission Insurance

Podcast Number Seventeen

I talk about Errors and Omission insurance and the necessity of it for your home based travel business. The only company out there that is offering Errors and Omission Insurance for the home travel agent is the Berkely Insurance Company and they can be found at

I also talk about podcasting and how I became involved in podcasting with an evolution from to Replay Radio to listening to podcasts to becoming a podcaster.

A couple of items in travel news relate to a new security device that is going to give you a puff and United Airlines to offer inflight wifi.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Your Home Travel Agent in the Wedding Business

Podcast Number Sixteen

Happy Father's Day everyone! Weddings are a good source of business for the home based travel agent. Often client's want to marry in an exotic location and it becomes your job to find the location and set up the wedding that is usually held at a resort. Yesterday the Home Travel Agent hosted a wedding at the Kantz Cottage on the Creek. In my full-time work life I am a Court Administrator and an Attorney Magistrate. As a magistrate I have the authority to conduct weddings. Some friends of ours from Rochester, Indiana asked if I would maryy them at the Kantz Cottage on the Creek. Of course I agreed. Today's show includes a sound seeing tour of the wedding.

I discuss travel news that includes airlines offering cancellation insurance, super sonic passenger planes on the horizon and a new form of missile defense for passenger airplanes.

Also included is a little aircraft humor that fits into the wedding theme.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Aussie Specialist Training for the Travel Agent

Podcast Number Fifteen

I discuss training for the travel agent offered by Tourism Australia in the form of the Aussie Specialist Program.

I also discuss the maintenance logs kept by Qantas Airlines pilots and the responses to those maintenance complaints by the ground crews. The mechanics' responses to these logged complaints are hilarious.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Host Agencies and Travel Booking Software

Podcast Number Fifteen

In this podcast I discuss Nexion's Internet View travel agent booking software. I walk through the various sections of the software for booking cruises, land based vacations, and consolidator airfares. I also highlight some of the agent tools available including marketing tools and traveler profiles.

I recently heard about a new service called Fly My Case that picks up your luggage, golf clubs or whatever and delivers them to your destination. This takes the hassle out of hauling your luggage through long lines at the airport and removes the worry of lost luggage. I discussed what I found when I went to the website

A Cleveland television station,, recently pitted an experienced internet user against an experienced travel agent to see who could find the best deal, in the least amount of time, for a Hawaii wedding anniversary trip. Listen to see who won!

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Barry R. Kantz