Saturday, November 26, 2005

Travel Agent Television & Free Templates for Your Website

Podcast Number Forty

Lorene Romero and I discuss Travel Agent Television as found on the Modern Agent website. We also talk about the benefits of The Travel Institute.

Barry talks about and its great section where you can find our contribute your travel journal.

Check out the new look of my website and don't forget to visit my personal blog page by clicking the link on my website. I've also added a Frappr map and I hope you add you location to the map.

The new look to my website is the result of a web site called "Open Source Web Designs." This is a great place to get a free template for your website!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Most Important Decision for a Home Based Travel Agent

Podcast Number Thirty-nine

My co-host, Lorene Romero and I discuss host agencies and her experience with Nexion as a host agency. Training is a very important aspect of being a travel professional. Nexion provides several training opportunities that Lorene and I talk about.

Mexico is making a recovery from hurricane Wilma. Listen and learn about what you can expect if you are going to vacation in the Cancun area this year or in early 2006.

Links discussed in this show:
Podcaster News
Modern Agent
The Travel Institute

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Introducing a Co-Host, Expos and Travel Agent Education

Podcast Number Thirty-eight

In this podcast we discuss several travel related expos and training opportunities. The discussion is with The Home Based Travel Agent new co-host, Lorene Romero. Lorene has been in the event planning business and recently added the travel business to her line up. Lorene has been actively engaged in attending travel conferences and expos as well as educational sessions offered by Nexion. We discuss all of this in this edition of the podcast. Lorene can be reached by email at

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