Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Regular Host Agencies and Caller Rejection

Podcast Five

In this podcast recorded on March 29, 2005, I discuss the regular host agency and some of the details about how you book travel for a client and then claim your commission. I discuss what it means to be an independent contractor working with your host agency. In the second segment I discuss a call I received from a lady interested in travelling to Hawaii. The caller went cold when she heard that she was dealing with a home based travel agent. I discuss how I put my frustration on my host agency's listserv and I read some of the constructive and helpful responses that I received.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Host Agencies and Aruba Trip

Podcast Four

In this podcast recorded on March 22, 2005, I discussed some of the different types of host agencies and how they work. Our recent trip to Aruba was a topic of discussion and several excellent places to eat were revealed. Some warnings about Aruba that you should give your travel clients were discussed.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

IATAN Numbers & Identity Theft

Podcast Three

An overview of the agency identifying number that is required to identify you as a legitimate travel agent and it is used to book travel with suppliers such as Funjet, Apple Vacations, Cruises, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Your host discussed his experience with a case of identity theft while visiting Puerta Vallarta.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Learning Resource for Those Interesed in Home Based Travel Agency

Podcast Two

In today's show we discussed Kelly Monaghan's series of home study books for those desiring to start their own home based travel business. I have a link to Kelly's books at my web site at http://www.hometravelagent.net.

Also discussed are the licensing requirements for travel agents in various states. You can find out more information about travel law at the Travel Law web site.

In an article in the Wall Street Jounal Online by Kelly Spors dated February 27, 2005, she discussed online travel sites and the addition of taxes and fees at the last puchasing minute. This practice makes the online travel appear to have cheaper rates.

In our travel stories segment the Desert Inn of Yeehaw Junction, Florida was featured. This is the place to go for a good gator burger!

We will be discussing host agencies in our next podcast. If you are new to the travel business you will need a good host agency.