Sunday, October 30, 2005

Your Own Travel Agent Website Part 3 - Free Content

Podcast Number Thirty-seven

This podcast contains information on how you can get free dynamic content for your own travel agent website. This content is provided by Mailpound has a free web site service for travel agents called PAWS that stands for Personal Agent Web Site. Mailpound has much more to offer than just web sites. I discussed some of those offerings. The website that I created using PAWS can be found HERE.

Also included was a summary of news from the hurricane ravaged area of Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Cancun.

The podsafe music played on the podcast was from a group called Heliozero and the song is Caribe. You can find this music at

Thank you for listening to my podcast. You can email me at and visit my website at

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Blogger vivian said...

Greetings Barry, you have a pretty cool blog here. I was searching for work from home moms. I just started my home business and you can see it at this link - work from home moms. Your post title caught my eye - Your Own Travel Agent Website Part 3 - Free Content. I'm just looking for tips on how to be a better mentor. I know that’s not what you’re going on about in this post but I am trying to expand my vocabulary phrases so I can talk to many different personalities. I mean I have to talk to a lot of people and I need to be able to connect with everyone.

Anyways Barry, this helped. Keep it up, I'll be back.

4:05 AM  

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