Friday, October 10, 2008

176 - What's in Your Back Yard? An Opportunity for Sales!

Podcast Number One-hundred-seventy-six

What travel destination do you know the best? I will bet it is your own community. Lorene describes how a site visit in her community put commission dollars in her pocket and will generate more commission over time. You can do the same by visiting hotels, bed and breakfast inns and tourist attractions in your community.

Gary Ebels sponsored a contest for users of the Agent2Agent Forum. If you have made a post in the Disney section of the forum between August 10th and October 10th you have a chance to win Disney Dollars. In addition, if you have made a post anywhere else in the forum between August 10th and October 10th you have a chance to win Disney Dollars.

I listed the names of people posting in alphabetical order and used the website "" to pick a random number. The random number was matched to the alphabetical order of names and a winner was picked. Our winners are - Deb Gronski and Mike Hamilton. Congratulations! I will work with Gary and send you your Disney Dollars.

ASTA's Travel Agent Training Course

TSA's Anxiety Detector

Push to Modernize our Air Traffic Control Systems

The top ten bed and breakfast towns

GotoMeeting is now available for the Mac. Get a 30 day free trial at

Learn, enjoy, produce and prosper!

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