Thursday, August 21, 2008

169 - Nolan Burris Explains the Process of Putting a Mac in Your Travel Business

Podcast Number One-hundred-sixty-nine

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Today a computer is an essential tool for running your business. Nolan Burris of Future Proof Travel joins Barry and Lorene to talk about using an Apple MacIntosh for your business. Nolan talks about making the switch from the PC to the MacIntosh. Why should you switch? "Because they just work," says Nolan. This is not a dry technical discussion about PC versus Mac. Nolan is a motivational speaker and he will entertain you as he talks about making the switch. Nolan maintains the website, "FutureProofTravel" where you can find excellent training materials for travel agents. In addition, Nolan developed the website, where you can find more information about making the switch from the PC to the Mac.

Plus the Chicago Tribune's report on the top ten U.S. and Canada cities for travel.

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