Saturday, July 26, 2008

166 - The Luxury and Hospitality of MSC Cruise Lines Will Have Your Clients Coming Back for More

Podcast Number One-hundred-sixty-six

Lorene and I talk with Nicola Iannone, Director of National Accounts for MSC Cruise Lines. Nicola describes the experience of cruising on their luxury ships. Plus you will learn how MSC supports travel agents by offering extra commission on shore excursions and pre and post stays. Satisfied clients are a building block for your business. The service and attention your clients receive on an MSC cruise will have them coming back to you for more. To learn more go to the MSC travel agent site at

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Anonymous vincent said...

Good luck on the AGENT2AGENT forum. I'm part of the lefora team, reaching out to anybody that has any questions, feel free to email me at 'chief -at-' with any feedback.

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Blogger marry said...

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