Sunday, August 03, 2008

167 - The Iphone, A Business Tool for the Travel Agent

Podcast Number One-hundred-sixty-seven

Is the Iphone a tool or a toy? Lorene and Barry discuss using the Iphone for their travel business. And, yes the Iphone is a tool and a toy. You can compose, send and read email on the Iphone. Using the Mobile Me service your email, calendar and contacts are synchronized on all of your computers. We predict that access to GDS systems and Client Resource Management systems will come to the Iphone and other small mobile computing devices. Listen in to the show and hear more about Lorene and Barry's experience with the new Iphone.

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Anonymous Mike Hamilton said...

listened to this show this morning and this whole iPhone gushing and raising above and changing the cell phone industry is pure Apple brain wash. I didnt hear one thing the iPhone does that my blackberry hasnt done for YEARS BEFORE the first iPhone came out. Push email , web surfing, games, music, applications, maps, GPS. All there and my Motorola Q (or any of the many smart phones out there) before that did nearly all the same things as well (GPS was the only thing lacking in MY Q and that was because Verizon disables apps from using it).

I love the show, and that's why I have been listener from the beginning! Just the iPhone redefining cell phones is such BS. the only thing is has that is completely unique is the interface, which is DEFINATELY COOL and industry ALTERING, that is for sure.

Barry, dont drink the cool aid!! Good friends dont let friends Mac! LOL


11:16 AM  

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