Sunday, November 26, 2006

How You Can Cruise and Learn the Travel Business Inexpensively

Podcast Number Eighty-four

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Barry extends his apology to Alan Gerstner for his "A Plumber Without a Pipe Wrench" rant in Show Number 81.

Lorene talks about the Cruise Agent Only website. This organization offers excellent training for the travel agent. This training is combined with cruises to various destination. You take clasees aboard the cruise ship while you are at sea. At port you may be treated to tours, amenities and information by the local tourist associations. The cruises offered are at an excellent price and combined with the training you recieve are an excellent value.

Barry discusses the "Pew Internet and American Life Project" survey that indicates that only 12% of internet users download a podcast to listen to it at a later time. This means that most people are listening to podcasts while they are at the podcast website. Subscribing and taking a podcast with you is very easy. Barry talks about an analogy used by Dave Jackson at the School of Podcasting to understand how an RSS feed works. Barry also points listeners to a great podcasting aggregator (podcatcher) called Juice. This tool is free and is very easy to use to subscribe to your favorite podcasts.

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Anonymous paul derby said...

Your podcasts are great!

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