Sunday, November 05, 2006

Would You Hire a Plumber That Doesn't Own a Pipe Wrench? And, Lorene in Hawaii

Podcast Number Eighty-one

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Lorene checks into the podcast from her Hawaiian cruise. Lorene talks about the success that they've had with their pre cruise stay, their view of the volcanoe lava flows and the anticipation of some local cuisine.

Would you go to a kitchen remodeling seminar that is taught by a plumber that has never remodeled a kitchen, nor owns a pipe wrench or skill saw? Barry talks about an upcoming seminar for travel agents on websites, blogging and podcasting. The seminar is being taught by someone that doesn't have a podcast, or a blog or even a website! There is an important lesson for travel agents that you will hear when you reach the end of Barry's rant. Some of the links Barry mentions in his rant are:

The Travel Trade Magazine
Travel Trades' 23rd Annual Leisure Travel/Home Based/Winter CRUISE-A-THON
Dream Host

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