Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Fam Trip Takes Lorene to the Beautiful Canadian Rockies

Podcast Number Seventy-nine

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Lorene had the wonderful opportunity to go on a Familiarization Trip (Fam Trip) with Brennan Vacations. This was a four day tour in Alberta, Canada exploring places like Calgary, Lake Louise and the Jasper National Park. Lorene talks about her experiences and about the hotels where they were able to spend some time. The hotels Lorene talks about are: In Calgary the Fairmont, while at Lake Louise the Sawridge Inn and Conference Center and while in Banff at the Fairmont.

Lorene sent along a couple of pictures she wanted to share with you. The first photo was taken at Jasper National Park. The second photo is of Lake Louise. The beauty of this area is breath taking. You should seriously consider adding Brennan Vacations and their Majestic Canadian Rockies tour to your list of places to go and places to sell.

The Brennan Majestic Canadian Rocky Tour begins in Calgary. During the next 12 days you are treated to luxury accommodations in some of the great hotels of the Canadian Rockies. You will experience breath taking scenery as you motor coach your way to places like the Jasper National Park, Lake Louise and the Athabasca Glacier. The tour includes a jet boat ride on the Blue River and a scenic journey by train on the Whistler Mountaineer.

You might be wondering, "is this a paid advertisement?" No, it isn't. We are excited about this beautiful spot in the world. We're also excited about Brennan Vacations because they make it a point to work with travel agents to sell their tours.

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