Saturday, July 08, 2006

Marketing Tips to Get Your Business Rolling and Marriott's Travel Agent Training

Podcast Number Sixty-seven

My granddaughter Elsa (18 months), son Jason and daughter-in-law Angela are moving from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Cambridge, Massachusetts this week. My son is going to work for a company that develops scheduling softward for the airlines, ITA Software. In the podcast I dedicate the song Fly Away, by the Dandylions to my grandaughter Elsa. You can click the link on the song title or visit Garageband to find all kinds of great podsafe music.

In the co-hosted segment Loreen talks about the Marriott travel agent training programs and the discounts and fams associated with being a Marriott specialist.

Barry has more marketing tips that will help you get your business rolling. In the technical tip segment Barry discusses how to send large files throught the email. Perhaps you want to send your clients brochures and pictures of Aruba. Here is how to do it without crashing your email or your client's emai. Go to a site called You Send It at and send away!

Stop by my travel business site Special Destinations where you can just browse or create your own account and blog.

Thank you for listening to the Home Based Travel Agent Podcast. You can email me at or email Lorene at


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