Sunday, April 23, 2006

How to Start a Home Based Travel Business Part #2 and David Lovely from Modern Agent TV

Podcast Number Fifty-eight

This is podcast number two in a series of podcasts about how to start your home based travel business. In this series I talk about licensing requirements that your state may have requiring a seller of travel to be registered or licensed. A fairly good resource to check to see if your state requires registration to sell travel is at On you can generally see whether or not your state has some requirements for you as a seller of travel. However, you will want to do your own research, or have a lawyer do some research, about the particular requirements in your state.

I also talk about the types of business entities that you may want to consider for your business. The various types you may want to consider are a sole proprietorship, a limited liability corporation or a closed corporation.

In the co-hosted segment, Lorene and I speak with David Lovely from Performance Media. David is the host of the Modern Agent TV show that is available on the Modern Agent website. David talks about all of the interesting offerings that Performance Media provides to travel agents and they are all free, including the Agent at Home and Cruise and Vacation magazines and all of the resources listed on the Modern Agent website.

Check out the short format, five-minute, travel podcasts at the Podcaster News Network!

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