Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Hot Disney Product That May Not Be On Your Radar Screen

Podcast Number Fifty-two

Cruise lines turning away from new ships to focus on improving the cruising experience for their customers.

Scholar Ship and Royal Carribean Cruise Lines are teaming up to offer college at sea. The offer is a full 16 week semester at sea with on ship and shore classes for the student. Travel agents can earn a referrel bonus for each student that they refer and sign up.

Booking space travel may be in your future - and not too distant future at that. The Secretary of Transportation says that they may issue permits for space travel as early as 2008.

Listen to the podcast and find out about a Disney product that may be off your radar screen and could be a very lucrative product for your bottom line!

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Blogger Chris2x said...

You mentioned wanting more information about Cruise West. I interviewed a couple who had gone on a Cruise West cruise to Alaska on episode #21 of the Amateur Traveler:

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