Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Earn Chances for Free Trips While Browsing an Essential Site for Travel Agents

Podcast Number Forty-four

Check out this essential site for the travel agent - Mailpound.com. This is a site where you can get the latest travel deals, participate in educational programs and pick up chances to win free trips.

Aruba suffered a major loss of a natural tourist site. Listen to the podcast or check out http://www.aruba.com to find out about this great loss.

Thank you for listening to the Home Based Travel Agent Podcast. You can email me at barry@hometravelagent.net or email Lorene at sharptongued@mac.com.


Blogger Chris2x said...

A couple of comments on Skype:

You talked about the cost of Skype but you should be able to setup a computer to computer call for free (I think you know this but it was not obvious from the podcast).

Also you can have a skype in number that people can call like a regular number. This is only 10Euros per quarter. I have numbers in San Jose and New York City.

For the podcast you can also do a "double ender", that is use Skype to Skype but record on both computers and then combine the files for a higher quality sound output. (On the Mac side I would recommend Wire tap Pro).

4:51 PM  

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