Friday, January 20, 2006

What's on the Shelf of Travel Products? Learn About a Wide Range of Travel Products

Podcast Number Forty-seven

Scott Ahlsmith makes an appearance on the Homebased Based Travel Agent podcast with a training segment about selling cruises. Scott summarizes Joanie Ogg's article on how to sell cruises.

Lorene and I discuss a whole list of travel products that you might want to sell or make a specialty. The list is:

*Specialty Cruises e.g., Discoverweal
*Around the World Cruises
*Panama Canal Cruises
*Alaska Cruises
*Mediteranean Cruises
*Baltic Sea Cruises
*Antarctic Cruises
Golf Vacations
Ski Vacations
Religious Pilgrimages and Tours
Adventure Vacations
Houseboat Vacations
Lifestyle Travel
*Gay and Lesbian
*Disney Wold
*Disney Land
*Disney Resorts
*Disney Cruises
Nascar Vacations
Super Bowl and/or College Bowl Games
New York Vacations
Las Vegas
Medical Tourism
Educational Vacations
*Archelogical Digs
*Lighthouse Keepers
Group Travel
*Girlfriend Travel
*Guy Travel
Family Reunions
Wine Country Tours
*New York
European Specialties
Asian Specialties
Australian Specialties
South Pacific Islands

Thank you for listening to the Home Based Travel Agent Podcast. You can email me at or email Lorene at


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