Friday, April 14, 2006

How to Start a Home Based Travel Business Part #1 and Cruise-a-Thon 2006

Podcast Number Fifty-seven

We will be starting a series of podcasts about how to start up a Home Based Travel Agent business. This podcast contains part one of the series and is a basic reality check about expectations you need to know about before starting the business.

In the co-hosted segment Lorene discusses her upcoming training at the Cruise-a-Thon 2006 or better known as CAT2006. Also, Lorene was quoted in the March edition of Cruise and Vacation magazine and Barry was quoted in the April edition of the Agent@Home magazine.

Links mentioned in the podcasts:

Special Destinations LLC
Travel Trade Shows
Agent@Home Magazine

Check out the travel podcasts at the Podcaster News Network!

Stop by my travel business site Special Destinations where you can just browse or create your own account and blog.

Thank you for listening to the Home Based Travel Agent Podcast. You can email me at or email Lorene at


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