Sunday, February 26, 2012

Podcast Number 316

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Ann VanLeeuwen joins Lorene and Barry on today's show to discuss the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA). Ann is the Vice President of NACTA and she describes some of the many benefits NACTA offers travel agents. Members of NACTA receive the Agent Life magazine and the opportunity to participate in the NACTA Agent Digest. The Digest is where agents help other agents by giving advice and answering questions. NACTA events for members include Seminars at Sea, other familiarization trips, plus many training opportunities and seminars. NACTA membership is a great value for the travel agent. You can contact Ann at AVL@NACTA.COM or explore their website at

Ann makes an important announcement during the co-hosted segment about the Home Based Travel Agent Show. The Home Based Travel Agent show joins other great travel professional organizations such as CLIA and ASTA as an affiliate member of NACTA. Our affiliate membership recognizes The Home Based Travel Agent Show as a valuable resource for the travel trade community. Lorene and I are very proud of this affiliation and look forward to the new relationship with NACTA.

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