Sunday, October 16, 2011

308 - Travel Agents Learn How to Become Full Service by Selling Airline Tickets

Podcast Number 308

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Bobbi Hamida joins us for part two of his interview. Bobbi is the Strategic Air Director for the host agency Nexion. In this segment we discuss how travel agents can become full service agents without purchasing and learning a Global Distribution System (GDS). Why book a cruise for your clients and then send them to the internet to find flights to their embarkation point. That's a recipe for giving away business. Nexion has developed a point and click interface that allows you to book air for your clients and collect a commission. You can learn more about this exciting service by listening to the show.

Travel News

National Cruise Vacation Week offers travel agents the opportunity to give their clients exceptional value for a cruise vacation.

Disney World turns 40

The best all inclusive vacation values

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