Sunday, November 23, 2008

182 - Local Travel, A Trend You Can Profit From

Podcast Number One-hundred-eighty-two

Your local area is ripe for setting up tours and package vacations. Justin Francis at the Future of Tourism organization predicts travel will become more local. People will be looking for local travel opportunities as airfares and fuel costs rise. Justin predicts travel will follow the trend which food is approaching and that is local grown food, or "slow food." People will travel locally as they become aware of the environmental benefits of staying close to home. Lorene and Barry talk about setting up contacts with local hotels and Chambers of Commerce. You can set up your own tours, after all you know best the area you live within and chances are you are proud of some of your area's attractions. Lorene and Barry also mention a new web based service where you can promote your local tours.

Tours By Locals

News Articles:

Wyndham Travel Agent Training

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New Runways at Major Airports

The Movie "Australia" and Tourism

Learn, enjoy, produce and prosper!

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