Saturday, November 15, 2008

181 - Expand Your Market and Help People With Special Needs Travel

Podcast Number One-hundred-eighty-one

A differentiating factor a travel agent brings to the table when working with clients, is their knowledge of how to help the traveler. You may have clients who want to travel with family members but are limited because of their family member's special needs. You will be a hero if you know how to accommodate those special needs so the family can travel together. In this show our guests are from the company, "Special Needs at Sea." We've talked with Andrew Garnett from "Special Needs at Sea" in a previous podcast. However in this podcast, Andrew and Charles Newton talk about their new commission program for travel agents. You now can help those travelers with special needs and earn a commission.

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Travel News:

American Airlines offers flight check-in by cell phone

Thirsty Swagman Tours is offering the first Asian Pub Crawl Tour

Tours by Locals may offer you an opportunity to expand your business

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