Sunday, December 02, 2012

326 - Score a Great Fam Trip With Anchorage Wild Expert

Podcast Number 326
Jody Overstreet and David Kasser join us in the co-hosted segment to talk about the new training modules they are adding to the Anchorage Wild Expert (AWE) program. The training modules offered by Visit Anchorage in their AWE program are designed as a fun way to learn all about what the Anchorage area has to offer your clients. Completing the fifteen minute modules will put you in the running for one of Visit Anchorage premier familiarization trips. These fam trips offer free airfare from any city serviced by Alaska Airlines; and, the trips are much more than hotel tours. You will experience what the great Alaska outdoors has to offer. Take a look at Lorene's YouTube presentation of her Visit Alaska fam trip where she observed the start of the Iditarod last March. A link to Lorene's YouTube presentation is in the "link" section below.Listen to the show and learn more about the beautiful Anchorage area and how Visit Anchorage can help you thrill your clients with a trip of a lifetime.
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