Friday, August 20, 2010

263 - Marketing Your Travel Business, "The Idea Machine!"

Podcast Number 263

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This show is full of tips and ideas about how to market your travel business. Barry is in Chicago for a long weekend and Lorene is off on an adventure therefore the co-hosted segment is a repeat of the show recorded on September 23, 2007. Just because the show is a repeat doesn't mean it isn't valuable. Dave Stockert, a vice president for Holland America Cruise Lines joins Barry and Lorene to talk about the many ways you can market your travel business. Dave wrote the books, "The Idea Machine" and "The Idea Machine II" to give travel agents ideas on how to market their business. You can find the book at  Join us and hear all about how Dave developed his ideas and listen in as he passes along some of those ideas to you.


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Anonymous William said...

Im glad that we found this blog. The information has been invaluable in developing our new travel agency. Even with many years of outside sales for a local office, going out on our own presented interesting challenges. Now that www.travelpersonality.ccom is up and running, we are thankful to this blog. I found it when listening to various podcasts that I picked up on iTunes. Their podcasts are a good way to grab the info on the run. This particular podcast, even as a repeat is invaluable.

12:32 PM  

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