Sunday, July 18, 2010

258 - Travel Agent Training for the Beginner to the Professional

Training is important in any profession but perhaps essential in the travel industry. Lorene Romero, Gary Ebels and Barry Kantz discuss training opportunities ranging from the beginning travel agent to the seasoned professional. Gary's specialty is Disney therefore Gary goes in depth about Disneys training programs for travel agents. Lorene discusses training available for Anchorage, Alaska and for the Fairmont Hotels. Barry talks about Kelly Monaghan's home study course for the beginning travel agent. Hit the play button, welcome aboard and learn and enjoy.

Barry mentions a resource for travel agents to locate jobs in the travel industry. The site is Get Travel Agent Jobs.

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Keep up with us on Lorene’s Twitter name is lorener, Barry’s Twitter name is kantzb and Gary is gary222 on Twitter.

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