Sunday, July 15, 2007

What State Are You In? Get into an Alaska State of Mind and Boost Your Bottom Line

Podcast Number One-hundred-thirteen

There is more to Alaska than meets the eye from a cruise ship. Alaska land tours can be added before a cruise, after a cruise, or they can stand alone. The more you know about Alaska as a travel agent the more confidence you will have in selling Alaska land tours. Tanya Hancock (see photo) of the Anchorage Convention and Visitors' Bureau joins the show. Tanya talks about Alaska destination training and how the training will help you develop confidence in selling Alaska land tours. Tanya conducts destination Alaska courses throughout the country at travel agent related events. offers web based destination training if you can't make it to one of Tanya's courses. offers the Alaska Certified Expert training via the web. You may have to contact the folks at by email or phone because I didn't find a link on their web page to this training.

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