Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boost Your Business by Becoming A Cerified Travel Advisor

Podcast Number One-hundred-nine

Lorene and Deb Gronski talk about the challenges, rewards and fun they had in preparing for the Certified Travel Advisor (CTA) Designation. The Travel Institute offers a course of study that leads to the CTA and other advanced designations for the travel agent.

This podcast became a challenge to produce when the electricity went off at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. After a couple of hours without power, I decided to try and produce the podcast using the battery power from my laptop. I knew that I wouldn't have much time because I had to connect a USB microphone and my Sprint wireless internet card. All of those extras add drain to the laptop battery. I raced through recording a short intro, the GoTo Meeting advertisement and a short outro. Fortunately I already had the co-hosted segment and I did the editing on that audio last night.

I had very little battery power left by the time I got the podcast put together and converted to MP3 format. I was going to have to get creative to find a source of electricity to power the laptop so that I could upload the audio to the file server.

I pulled my car out of the garage, grabbed my DC to AC inverter, a lawn chair and a small table. I was all set to power up my laptop using my car as a power source and the lawn furniture as my outdoor office. Just as I was about to complete my outdoor office, the power came back on.

You now have a no frills podcast but I'm sure the enthusiasm of Deb and Lorene in the co-hosted segment make up for the loss of the other bells and whistles.

This podcast is sponsored by GoToMeeting

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