Saturday, March 24, 2007

Impress Your Clients With These Tips and How Are You Differentiating Your Business?

Podcast Number Ninty-nine

In th co-hosted segment, Lorene talks about some tips that you can use to impress your clients. Or, you can include these tips in your client newsletter. We also talk about some resources that are useful for the new travel agent.

Barry talks about why you should differentiate your business. Do you really want to compete with the big web based travel sites? Of course not, learn how you can set your business apart and get the right clients.

Show 100 of the Home Based Travel Agent Podcast is going to be the starting point for some changes in the presentation of the show. Look for new introduction audio clips, bumper music and audio for the closing segments of the show. The changes will begin at show 100 and continue until we achieve a new feel for the show.

The resources we talked about in this show are:

The United States Postal Service

Budget Travel Magazine

Travel Agent Magazine

Home Based Travel Agent Magazine

Agent at Home Magazine

Vacation Agent Magazine

Recommend Magazine

The Travel Agent Academy

Cruise Travel Magazine

Porthole Magazine

Travel Trade Publications

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