Saturday, September 30, 2017

383 - Host Agency Review

Podcast Number 383
 The host agency is the most important part of a home based travel agent's business. Due diligence is required before you choose or change to a new host agency. But how do you do that due diligence? Well, there aren't that many options to make a good investigation. But, one good option does exist and that is Host Agency Reviews. The service provided by Host Agency Reviews is like the Yelp or Tripadvisor for the home based agent looking for a host agency that fits their business model. Stephanie Lee, the founder of Host Agency Reviews, joins our Show to talk about her website and the many services she offers the travel agent. Steph's website features educational articles, a podcast, a list of travel jobs and travel agent reviews. This is a great resource you will learn more about in this Show.
 Host Agency Reviews
 Steph was on our show back in 2010. She joined us in Show 253 and Show 260.
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