Sunday, January 30, 2011

278 - Reflections of a Travel Agent and What's in a Name

Podcast Number 278


Barry talks about how to organize and name the files on your computer.  The key is to organize and name your files so you can quickly locate them in the future.  Here are examples of the naming conventions Barry talks about in the show.

Here is how I store Sara Smith's itinerary developed on  January 30, 2011, "smith_sara-2011-01-30-itinerary".  I store this document in the My Documents folder, in the sub folder "clients," in a sub folder named, "2011".


Lorene reflect on her five years as a travel agent.  We talk about her best experiences, things she might do differently if she had a "do over," and more.


Using your smart phone to have food delivered at your airport departure gate

Expensive destinations that are quite affordable

A 313 MPG Volkswagen diesel to go on sale in 2013 (the 313 MPG is not a typo)

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