Sunday, February 10, 2008

Show Delay for February 10, 2008 due to Winter

This is an official weather delay for the Home Based Travel Agent Show for February 10, 2008. I was down in Indianapolis for the weekend working with the RawVoice, Inc. team. I left Indy and headed for home early in the afternoon today. My goal was to get home early enough to put the podcast together and get it posted. I was watching the weather for Western Michigan before I left Indianapolis and it wasn't looking good.

The wind was really blowing and gusting out of the west. Strong winds out of the west aren't a problem in central Indiana. But, when you get near Lake Michigan the west wind over the relative warm waters of Lake Michigan turns the lake into a giant snow machine. Well, the snow machine kicked in at about South Bend, Indiana and it only got worse as I traveled north. I was experiencing near blizzard conditions at times and snow covered and slippery roads.

Before I reached my exit at I-196 there were fire trucks, fully lit and strategically placed every quarter mile, forcing traffic off of the Interstate. Interstate 196 was closed! Fortunately we were leaving the Interstate at my exit. I heard there was a fifty car pile up further down the interstate. I still had 25 miles to go to get home once I was off of the Interstate. The rest of my trip was on country roads.

Obviously, I made it home but my arrival was much later than I expected. My intention was to publish the Home Based Travel Agent Show tonight. But, the weather has now caused a one or two day delay. I did spend some time editing the audio of an interview between Ed Taylor and me. Ed is a travel agent from Asheville, NC. Ed has been in the business for about a year and he has some great advice to share with travel agents. Stay tuned for this very informative interview.

I will be talking with you in the next day or two. In the mean time, stay Warm. If you are in a warm climate, hug a palm tree for me.



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